Services for Organizations

Coaching for Employees/Executives – Research shows that professional coaching is key to individual and organizational development. Are you looking to increase productivity, improve communication effectiveness and organizational collaboration? Our team of coaches offers the following corporate coaching services:

  • One-on-One Coaching or “On Call” Coaching for highly skilled senior executives.
  • Individual coaching for emerging leaders and mid level managers.
  • Coaching for performance improvement or leadership development.
  • Customized individual assessments.

Event Management Consulting – We help you identify objectives and design a comprehensive plan that will allow you to execute a flawless and successful event, no matter the size or scale.

Meeting/Group Facilitation – From pre-work to developing the agenda and establishing action plans, we help you deliver interactive meetings with stakeholders that yield results for which you are looking.

Customer Service Training – You’ve heard the saying, “news travels fast, and bad news travels even faster.” The way you treat your customers is integral to the success and longevity of your business. Using interactive behavioral based models, course participants are equipped with the tools to develop customer loyalty and service with excellent.

Workshop Presenter | Keynote Speaker – Angelia is an experienced speaker and effective workshop presenter that would be perfect for your corporate, non-profit, or small group event.